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Relay Contact material discussion-AgCdo

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Author : Norman Carnt
Update time : 2020-03-05 16:33:54
“Silver Cadmium Oxide has been popular for perhaps 50 years, particularly for its very good performance when switching inductive and motor loads. Contact material erosion is lessened and in particular the material has an improved resistance to contact welding under conditions of short term high peak inrush currents that result from switching large contactor coils, incandescent lamps and small motors.

Unfortunately, even though virtually all experts agree that the cadmium content is so small and so well bound into the bulk silver, that it presents no environmental hazard, its use has for some time been limited by the “RoHS” European Directive 2002/95/EC. In its first edition Cadmium was prohibited completely, but a further revision allowed its use in electrical contacts. And the so-called “RoHS II” 2011/65/EU still permits this, but establishes a dead-line of July 2016 for general use and July 2024 for industrial monitoring and control instrumentation. For this reason, and keeping in mind that such Directive is not applied at all in several markets (e.g Automotive, or Extra-EU countries such as USA or BRICS...), we will maintain availability of relay versions with Silver Cadmium Oxide – for the foreseeable future.

by Norman Carnt
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