Metal indicator light


8mm concave metal signal indicator light, soldering lugs, IP65, single LED & Dual-color LED
  1. Mounting hole diameter: Φ8mm
  2. Max outer panel diameter: Φ11mm
  3. Switch rating: 15mA/36V DC
  4. Dielectric strength: 1100V AC
  5. Ambient temperature: -20 to +85°C
  6. Panel thickness: 1-10mm
  7. Nut torque: 5-14N
  8. LED voltage: 3/6/12/24/36/48/110/220V
  9. LED color: red/orange/green/yellow/white/blue
  10. LED life: 40,000 hours
  11. Shell material: nickel plated brass/stainless steel/aluminum finish
  12. Shell color: stainless steel/black/red/green/orange/blue
  13. Base material: PBT
  14. Base connector: screw terminals
  15. Protection degree: IP65 IK09
  16. Cool attractive flush mounting accent LED lighting,these tiny LEDs can be used to indicate that status of a circuit
    They are not very bright since they are purposely designed for indication and decoration but not for illuminating things
    High quality aluminum black and silver housing with various vibrant LED colors, these amazing indicators should be what you are looking for.